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A serial of discussion sessions on Zoom in every episode we discuses a film that talks about a specific case related to human rights and diversity.

“The guest” is an Egyptian film about the Islamic extremism in Egypt

“American History X” is a Hollywood film discuses the racism in the American society

A discussion about the British film “Suffragette” related to the struggle of the British women in the twenties to win the right of voting in public elections

“Gran Torino” a Hollywood film that tell the story of a recently widowed Korean war veteran with a Asian thief

A story of the writer Dalton Trumbo who suffered from the McCarthyism in 1950s

A discussion of the film “12 Angry men” which revels the importance of the free individual which change everything and bring justice back.

The story of the holocausts during the world war 2 through the story of the German industrialist Oskar Schindler.

The great story of “Ghandi” the Indian lawyer and political ethicist who take the non-violence road to gain the independence of India.

These series of discussions is part of Musawat project by PAX and Moja

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