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National and Religious identity is the first episode
Salah Abdulmahdi
Nawras Adnan
Abdulsalam Abo Hya
Qasim Altimimi
Facilitator: Mujtaba Alsafi

Cultural Identity of Iraq
Hassan Aljawadi
Gilgamish Nabeel
Haider Alwaily
Mohammed Al Abakaa
Facilitator: Qutaiba Yaseen

Individual Freedom
Noor Ibraheem
Hussain Rasheed
Mohammed Altimimi
Ahmed Alamshani
Facilitator: Raghad Qasim

Form of State in Iraq
Dr. Harith Hassan
Baleegh Abu Gilal
Facilitator: Yaser Mekki

This series is part of Musawat project by PAX & Moja

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